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Name:Corporal Randel Oland
Location:Imperial City
They will be heralded by the blue light of the Will-o'-Wisp! [...] You can burn out their eyes, even tear out their arms, but they'll never stop advancing! They will disregard their own lives, and attack at point blank range! They have marched away from life itself to pull the trigger that brings death! They are the legend of the battlefield, they are the phantom warriors of the 901st anti-tank troop! Guided by the Will-o'-Wisp! Bringers of Death!

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APPEARANCE: Seven and a half feet tall, covered in scars, built like a truck; short dark hair, dark eyes, almost no body hair to be found except atop his head and eyebrows. Usually to be found in his military uniform which is circa-WWI inspired, but can be AUed for purposes of (non-game) threads. He'll more than likely have bandages somewhere too...


(Normal/Non-Lantern) Quiet, gentle, and exceptionally careful of other people; he tends to move slow and steady both to make sure he doesn't startle anyone and so that he doesn't accidentally hurt anyone. That said, he can be a bit awkward and skittish when he's entirely out of his depth and even a bit of a coward at times. While his eyes are always a little distant and sometimes sad, he does his best to keep a positive and pleasant demeanor and he'll do anything and everything he can to prevent conflict, including taking harm upon himself without complaint.

(Lantern) When he turns on the blue lantern on his hip, nothing above at all applies. He is 100% nightmare fuel, moving slow and inexorably when it's the most terrifying OR with blinding speed and ruthless efficiency. There is no mercy and no hesitation, no bargaining, and no escape: that is a very strong, very fast giant man with a handgun that by all rights hits like a shotgun and a pair of clippers that rips through tanks that wants nothing more than to kill something. May whoever have mercy on your soul.

*cough* So, uh, WHAT THE SHIT?
Randal's one of a very small number of survivors from a series of horrific military experiments called the Invisible 9: soldiers made into all sorts of human-rights-violating weapons of war, named with the 'cursed' number nine at the beginning of their troop number, non-existent as far as official records are concerned. In Randel's case, his experiment was designed to make a footsoldier who can single-handedly take on a tank. Hence the size, strength, speed, and to a much much lesser degree healing and durability he has; their focus was effectiveness, not keeping the soldiers healthy or sane. Add some brainwashing to completely remove a soldier's will to live, his self-preservation instincts, and any and all humanity he has at the time and you get the soldiers of the 901st ATT. These return after the lantern is turned OFF, however, which is why Randel has some extensive PTSD, complete with emotional issues, hallucinations, and a few triggers. Also, usually, a LOT of injuries.

OTHER NOTES: Randal greatly enjoys salads, avoids red meat, and tries to make friends with any animal that crosses his path. He's effectively homeless, sex-worker positive, and despite being injured all the time, he's one of the worst patients you're likely to find since he's had more than a few unfortunate experiences in hospitals. He's not much of an intellectual, doesn't particularly like himself, and he happens to think freckles are charming.

Randel Oland is from the manga/anime Pumpkin Scissors by Ryotaro Iwanaga. As you might imagine, that means that he doesn't belong to me and that everything in this journal, etc, is just for fun. No profit's being made, no infringement is intended, and nothing in this journal should reflect on the original work.
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