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Name:Corporal Randel Oland
Location:Imperial City
They will be heralded by the blue light of the Will-o'-Wisp! [...] You can burn out their eyes, even tear out their arms, but they'll never stop advancing! They will disregard their own lives, and attack at point blank range! They have marched away from life itself to pull the trigger that brings death! They are the legend of the battlefield, they are the phantom warriors of the 901st anti-tank troop! Guided by the Will-o'-Wisp! Bringers of Death!

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Things to know about Randel...

1. He is seven and a half feet tall. No, literally. And made entirely out of muscle and scar tissue.

2. He is usually to be found in a military coat with the Section III Pumpkin Scissors insignia on the arm. Otherwise, he'll probably just wear the largest cloak he can find since very few clothes are made to his size. That said, there's almost always some manner of bandage on him somewhere, as he is constantly injured.

3. He has PTSD. SERIOUS PTSD. His PTSD includes night terrors, hallucinations, and the occasional break while in the midst of violent conflict. Part of that is really really not reacting well to hands reaching at him and blood.

4. His three main 'weapons' are a massive pair of clippers, big enough and sharp enough to cut through tank plating, a massive handgun with limited range called a Doorknocker which can also go through tank plating, and the blue lantern that flips the mental switch in his head that makes him one of the Gespenst Jäger: soldiers who completely disregard their personal safety and continue their attack, unable to feel pain or cease until their target is eliminated. They were made to take down tanks singlehandedly.

5. He has taken down several tanks single handed as well as a massive armored train. It takes a tremendous toll on his psyche, however, flares his PTSD up something fierce, and his battlefield prowess is only matched by the huge amount of guilt he carries for all of the people that he's killed. It also takes a massive toll on him physically because while he does heal quickly, he's flesh and blood like anyone else. Hence all the bandages.

6. He loves salad, cats, and can be used to soothe babies. He sends all of his salary back to the kids he grew up with, sleeps under a bridge, and gives a good portion of his food rations to his cats. And he'll get himself in trouble to go feed those cats when he's supposed to stay in his hospital bed. Because he is an adorable sweetheart marshmallow who always tries to help others.

7. He currently works for Section III, the Pumpkin Scissors unit, dedicated to handling war relief in the Royal Empire. They do what they can for refugees, impoverished areas, and they specifically target those who've profited off of the war and continue to abuse their power in the wake of the cease fire. The 'pumpkin' the unit references is the hard 'rind' of money and influence that surround many of the people they go after. Despite being considered a publicity stunt, the unit itself (especially their captain and lieutenant) take their work very seriously. The fact that they're actually under the Military Intelligence branch should also tell you something...

8. He's basically from anime-fantasy post-WWI Germany. But I'm happy to AU him into whatever for threads.

Randel Oland is from the manga/anime Pumpkin Scissors by Ryotaro Iwanaga. As you might imagine, that means that he doesn't belong to me and that everything in this journal, etc, is just for fun. No profit's being made, no infringement is intended, and nothing in this journal should reflect on the original work.
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